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Fraud Detection and Compliance

Pondera uses prediction algorithms and machine learning to predict, detect, and investigate fraud, waste, and abuse in healthcare and government programs.

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Our core detection system, FraudCaster® (formerly Fraud Detection as a Service – FDaaS), helps our clients detect and prevent hundreds of millions of dollars in improper payments in Medicaid, Unemployment Insurance, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), health plans, and other large government programs.

  • Medicaid


  • SNAP


  • Healthcare


  • Unemployment Insurance

    Unemployment Insurance

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FraudCaster Dashboard FraudCaster Laptop


Import your leads into our intuitive case management system where you can manage, collaborate, and close cases. Analyze and report on case loads and productivity.

  • Case Management

    Case Management

  • Time Tracking

    Time Tracking

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Comprehensive Reporting

  • Employee Management

    Employee Management

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ID Risk Analytics

Enable your team to protect your public benefits program from the risk associated with potentially fraudulent and improper payments with Thomson Reuters ID Risk Analytics. Combining your agency data with identity verification and deep human analytical review provides an unmatched ability to detect, prevent and investigate fraud within your program.



Special Investigation Team

Special Investigation Team

Categorized Fraud Risk

Categorized Fraud Risk

Quick Enablement

Quick Enablement

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By Role

Discover how analysts, investigators, and managers leverage Pondera’s system to improve efficiency and deliver results.

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Pondera supports the federal government’s efforts to identify individual cases of fraud or abuse as well as trends, patterns, and clusters that may indicate existing or emerging problems.

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