Rampant Greed at Any Cost

February 19, 2020

In a particularly disturbing drug fraud scheme, John Kapoor, the billionaire founder of Insys Therapeutics, was sentenced last month to spend just 5 ½ years in prison for his part in selling fentanyl to patients who didn’t need it.  I say “just” because this guy, I guess because his current billions weren’t enough, decided it was fine to ruin thousands of lives to add to his personal fortune.

Kapoor, along with several other employees of Insys who were also sentenced to prison terms, worked with doctors to supply healthy patients with their brand of Fentanyl designed to treat cancer patients.  At Kapoor’s sentencing, victims of his crime spoke of their issues such as hallucinations, losing teeth, permanent memory problems, and other issues.  Some spoke of destroyed marriages and ruined careers.  The dead, of course, could not speak for themselves.

It’s hard to argue with one victim’s characterization of Kapoor and his co-criminals as “no different than mobsters”.  The company even celebrated their bribes and kickback schemes in a rap song video for their sales team.  “I got new patients, and I got a lot of them” the song boasted before saying that increasing dosage was “not a problem”.  It’s cases like these that truly make me question humanity as well as what I consider to be minimal sentences for such heinous acts.