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We improve our detection algorithms for all our clients

Our cross-program capabilities allow us to create detection algorithms for fraud trends that develop in one industry and deploy them to all our partners. Bad actors often use the same techniques to defraud multiple industries. By “following” them across programs and industries, we improve our detection algorithms for all our clients.

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Federal Government

Pondera supports the federal government’s efforts to identify individual cases of fraud or abuse as well as trends, patterns, and clusters that may indicate existing or emerging problems.

  • Identity Validation

    Identity Validation

  • Network Analysis

    Network Analysis

  • Claims Analysis

    Claims Analysis

  • Retailer Program Violations

    Retailer Program Violations

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Pondera’s system provides payment integrity services through pre-payment and post-payment analytics on providers, beneficiaries, claims, and members for both fee-for-service and managed care organizations

  • Managed Care and Fee for Service

    Managed Care and Fee for Service

  • Beneficiary and Provider Validation

    Beneficiary and Provider Validation

  • Pre- and Post-Payment Analytics

    Pre- and Post-Payment Analytics

  • Opioid Monitoring and Management

    Opioid Monitoring and Management

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Social Services

Maintain compliance and identify emerging fraud trends and schemes and built to help our clients ensure that limited program dollars are delivered to those who are qualified to receive them.

  • Identity Validation

    Identity Validation

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Comprehensive Reporting

  • Enrollment and Re-certification

    Enrollment and Re-certification

  • EBT Card Trafficking Detection

    EBT Card Trafficking Detection

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Tax and Labor

Maximization and audit selection for unemployment insurance systems and state & local tax programs.

  • Non-reporting and Under-reporting Businesses

    Non-reporting and Under-reporting Businesses

  • Fictitious Employer Schemes

    Fictitious Employer Schemes

  • Unemployment Claimant Eligibility Violations

    Unemployment Claimant Eligibility Violations

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By Role

Discover how analysts, investigators, and managers leverage Pondera’s system to improve efficiency and deliver results.

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Pondera uses prediction algorithms and machine learning to predict, detect, and investigate fraud, waste, and abuse in healthcare and government programs.

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