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Hands down fraud pondera solutions

Hands Down Fraud

By Jon Coss, Vice President, Risk, Fraud, and Compliance

April 9, 2020

Here’s a recent case of potential fraud that should surprise, well, no one.  A California used car dealer has been…

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coronavirus and earth

Coronavirus Security

By Adi K, ISO

March 13, 2020

Friends of Pondera, with “coronavirus” the number one searched subject matter in the world, it is not a surprise that…

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Coronavirus Fraud

By Jon Coss, CEO

March 12, 2020

With the old expression “Never let a crisis go to waste” ringing through my head, I am not at all…

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McDonald's Monopoly

Monopolizing Monopoly

By Jon Coss, CEO

March 4, 2020

When I was in high school, McDonald’s ran a promotion where they distributed paper Monopoly game pieces to customers who…

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Phish eats shark

Phish Eats Shark

By Jon Coss, CEO

February 28, 2020

Sometimes the phish eats the shark.  That is certainly the case for Barbara Corcoran, one of the celebrity investors on…

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prescription drugs and money

Rampant Greed at Any Cost

By Jon Coss, CEO

February 19, 2020

In a particularly disturbing drug fraud scheme, John Kapoor, the billionaire founder of Insys Therapeutics, was sentenced last month to…

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beauty queen with tiara

Beauty Queen Fraudster

By Jon Coss, CEO

February 11, 2020

A recent high-profile fraud case may help highlight a particularly disturbing form of fraud that we often write about on…

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man on hoverboard in business clothes

Hoverboard Dentist Update

By Jon Coss, CEO

February 3, 2020

Way back in October of 2017, I wrote a blogpost about an Anchorage dentist who was defrauding Medicaid by performing…

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2020, I mean, 20Fraud

By Jon Coss, CEO

January 29, 2020

2020, I mean, 20 Fraud The bad news – there’s a new fraud threat we all need to be aware…

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doctor in cuffs

A $28,000 Case of the Sniffles

By Jon Coss, CEO

January 2, 2020

Imagine going to the doctor because you just can’t shake that cold before the holidays and then receiving a bill…

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