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In March of 2020, Pondera was acquired by Thomson Reuters. The combination of best in class public records data and world class program integrity data analytics provides a powerful system for agencies and healthcare companies to protect program dollars.

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Pondera Solutions: Detect, Investigate, and Enforce Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Pondera Solutions was founded in 2011 with the singular focus of leveraging the power of cloud computing and advanced analytics to combat fraud, waste, and abuse in large government programs. Since that time, we have helped our clients prevent and collect hundreds of millions of dollars in improper payments. Pondera offers a comprehensive cloud solution to help you detect, investigate, and enforce fraud, waste, and abuse.

Our system combines your program data with third party consumer and business data and then runs every business, beneficiary, and transaction through a series of procedural and prediction models. The system flags transactions that violate predetermined thresholds and sends an Alert to an integrated dashboard “built by investigators, for investigators”. Your program integrity staff can then analyze the lead, use our system to investigate the lead, and even create and manage a case for ongoing enforcement activities.

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Discover how analysts, investigators, and managers leverage Pondera’s system to improve efficiency and deliver results.

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Pondera supports the federal government’s efforts to identify individual cases of fraud or abuse as well as trends, patterns, and clusters that may indicate existing or emerging problems.

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