A Reminder of Government’s Important Role in Helping Americans

October 30, 2017

Regular readers of this blog know that we often focus our comments on the fraud and abuses in government subsidy programs. Our intent is almost always to point out solutions that can make these programs more effective, rather than to question the existence of the programs altogether. In fact, most Pondera employees worked for government agencies in the past and recognize the good that many programs deliver.

The recent fires in California provide an example of government programs helping Americans in need. The fires, which tore through California’s wine country, including Napa and Sonoma, claimed over 40 lives and 7,000 structures, and displaced nearly 100,000 people. Entire neighborhoods were destroyed leaving families scrambling for shelter and food.

A number of government agencies sprang into action to help those affected by the disaster. While most Americans are somewhat familiar with, for example, how FEMA responds to disasters, other efforts are less obvious but very important.

For example, I took note of the combined efforts of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) to provide emergency food assistance to local residents. Using the Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (D-SNAP), CDSS offered a month of food benefits to those who qualify. This is in addition to other waivers such as allowing existing SNAP beneficiaries to purchase hot foods (many lost their homes and by extension their ability to prepare foods).

Events like the fires in California, while heartbreaking, also provide us with a reminder of the important work done by federal and state government agencies. This is also a time to remember the important work that agencies do throughout the year to support Americans who truly need our assistance. We believe our job at Pondera is to help governments deliver better services by driving fraud, waste, and abuse out of their programs.